Roleplay Info

I have been role-playing on SL for a very long time. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten bored of it! I have roleplayed on many different genres including but not limited to medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, scifi, World of Darkness, urban, and family. I have played many different characters such as garou, lycans, elves, dragons,demons, humans, and celestials. Listed below are a few of my most recent and active characters and their information.

Picture by: Cameron Hill (Rihanna Soulstar)

Current Character:

Ma’at The Egyptian Vampire

Born in Egypt 2000 years ago, Ma’at, named after the goddess of Justice and judgement, was coddled and very secluded to the rest of the world. Her mother was the priestess to one of the royal families and choose to keep her daughter a well hidden secret due to the nature of the empire that sat at the Egyptian doorstep. Ma’at’s mother was tragically killed when the girl was of but the age of six which left the small girl in the care of a maiden whom cared for the girl as if she was her own. Ma’at grew into a beautiful dark skinned young lady, properly worshiping along the same path as her late mother had, beginning her journey of becoming a priestess herself to serve the god Khnum. At the age of nineteen, Ma’at became a full fledged priestess, barely leaving the temple in the duration of her priestess-hood. A chilled darkness fell over Bubastis, the city in which Ma’at lived in. It swept along the sand but never once said a word. Over the course of one night, half the city’s religious leaders and worshipers including Ma’at. The disappearence of the priests and priestesses has never been forgotten, written on the walls of the empty tomb that their possessions were laid in.

Many decades later, a woman with the looks of Ma’at appeared in Bubastis. However she was different. Even with the dark cloak that adorned her body in the setting sun, many could see the white hair that flowed under the hood and the red eyes that glowed in the shadows. Ma’at returned every year to pay homage to those who died with her. Of the hundreds, only five remained. Following the white haired vampire everywhere she went even through near death. She was the one whom they felt safe with even though in the end, she killed them as a way to prove herself to her makers that she was no mere creature of the night. Ma’at has now roamed the earth for many centuries, looking for a place to settle and perhaps joining or making a coven of vampires of her own.